The Final Chapter

Now i have had a chance to step out of my role as a victim and revealed myself as an artist to the scammers I have managed to carry on speaking to one of them. he tells me that he loves me and wants to come and live with me in this country. Over Easter he came online for a chat and showed himself on webcam for the second time, i filmed his face from my computer screen.

Soon after i began to feel a sense of wanting to exploit the situation so i began to engineer the conversation to try to get him to take his clothes off. I was surprised at how easy it was to say i didn't have a web cam. I managed to get enough footage to create a film that now edited shows how i have become a scammer and in some ways i believe the viewer will fell pity for the naked man in the film.

Out of my Depth

So I later found out that the way it was supposed to work was that he sent me the goods that he ordered in my name on a stolen credit card. Then i would collect the goods and send them onto Nigeria for him to collect.

I didn't send the goods i told him the police had got involved and that the companies were not happy with the credit card that he'd used.

He wasn ot happy and i got a few nasty phone calls which scared me and made me question my saftey within this project

Last Conversation with James

papajah205: fuck you
papajah205: am not african and as such am not living in nigeria
papajah205: what damn stupid taught u are saying
sandrea simons: oh nice now i see the real you
papajah205: fuck wat is the damn saying sandy
sandrea simons: oh go away
papajah205: am not living in Nigeria
sandrea simons: in the beginning i got your name off a web site on the internet
papajah205: is that clear so how can i help u with matters concerning nigeria
sandrea simons: you arel iving in Nigeria you are a scammer
papajah205: so why are u forcing me to be in nigeria
sandrea simons: well you certainly don't speak very good english love not for someone who's supposed to be british
papajah205: alright is up to u and u dont speak good english either
papajah205: fuck u damn bullshit
sandrea simons: funny how i found you on a scam site?????????????
papajah205: ooh this means u are lier and bastard sandy
sandrea simons: i am a lier i told you i was working and i am a student studying scammers
papajah205: yes u are scammer and lier
sandrea simons: yes but i did not try to get money out of you
papajah205: i got u ever since i spoke to u
sandrea simons: you believed me without you i wouldn't have a project
papajah205: fuck ur ass scammer u have took my stuffs
sandrea simons: what stuff
papajah205: i know u have it right now
sandrea simons: no i sent it all back
papajah205: and u are using it
sandrea simons: ok
papajah205: that u have the stuffs on u\
sandrea simons: well they are being sent back
papajah205: no is with u
sandrea simons: ok yes i am a scammer
sandrea simons: i have lied i have all of the stuff at my university i am not using it but it is there
papajah205: oh good lady scammer

Identity theft

Two shirts and two sets of cufflinks were delivered today, I feel a bit nervous and out of my depth but I will ring the company that sent them and make sure I am not in any trouble. I have spoken to the police this week and taken some advice from them about internet safety. I will make an appointment to see my bank manager and speak to him about identity theft.

Extract from conversation Death do us Part

Darlington says:are u okay
SaNdReA says:yes i just got back a little while ago
Darlington says:ooh i c
SaNdReA says:are you ok?
Darlington says:why do u ask?
SaNdReA says:well you ask me am worried about you
SaNdReA says:i know u have no money
Darlington says:hey babe..stop that nonse words
Darlington says:have i asked u to give me money
Darlington says:are u teasing me or what do u mean
SaNdReA says:no how could i tease you
Darlington says:i hate such damn bull shit words from u
SaNdReA says:ok why don't you just go away then
SaNdReA says:becasue you are always so angry with me
Darlington says:becos u words fuck words on me
Darlington says:i hate that bullshit words so if u stop that bullshit
Darlington says:i gotta be happy with u
SaNdReA says:right well when i say i'm unhappy i mean it
SaNdReA says:i don't mean to bullshit you
Darlington says:i hate that bullshit so stop it henceforth
Darlington says:i love u
Darlington says:and will be with u till the death depart us

James Darlington

Extracting the flowers

SaNdReA says:you are a romantice man
SaNdReA says:i like it when my man is romantic
SaNdReA says:i love flowers
Darlington says:wow
SaNdReA says:and romantic men say love with flowers
Darlington says:i love flowers to
SaNdReA says:do you love flowers too
Darlington says:roses and lilies
SaNdReA says:wow
SaNdReA says:oh yes
SaNdReA says:they are my favourites

I didn’t get the flowers straight away they went to the office at the university building by the time I realised they were there they’d already died. He told me off in one conversation for not saying thankyou and i had to pretend they’d been delivered next door by accident, as he’d been in touch with the florist and they told him they had been delivered. I didn’t feel any guilt this time in fact I was excited to receive them they looked like something from a road traffic accident scene.

Extract from conversation FEED ME

Darlington says:are u interested to give birth to me ..huh
SaNdReA says:you wouldl ike me to have a child to you
Darlington says:ooh yea...wud be
SaNdReA says:yes
Darlington says:Do you care if I don't know what to say? Will you sleep tonight or will you think of me? Will I shake this off, pretend it's all okay, that there's someone out there who feels just like me ... ?
SaNdReA says:it would be
Darlington says:good
SaNdReA says:i will make a with you if you want me to
Darlington says:wow quite interesting and loving babe up there
Darlington says:If at the end of the day, you can still smile and shine on, your heart will forever hold love's true gift inside, now and always
SaNdReA says:ahhhhhhhhhhhhh you sweetie
Darlington says:Starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight. When I look into your eyes, it can't be wrong if it feels this right. If I could only make you mine, make me leave my past behind. If only wishes could come true, I'd have you
SaNdReA says:your words are beautiful
Darlington says:ty
Darlington says:At first sight ... I knew that you would make my life alright. Ever since I met you I just can't stop thinking about you. Even when I sleep, you're in my dreams. Now I have a reason to wake up everyday and smile, because I know there is someone like you. You're my hopes, my dreams, and my happiness; without you, Baby, there is no me
SaNdReA says:oh i will cry soon you make me so happy
Darlington says:dont cry am for u and u are mine
Darlington says:honey for God sake pls send me 100$ tomorrow for diet

David Woods

Yesterday I got some flowers delivered they were from David Woods, they were beautiful pink roses and for a moment I felt really happy. It was a nice feeling to open the door to the florist and him think someone was in love with me. The feeling didn’t last long I engineered those flowers to be sent and I felt like I’d scammed them out of him. I had scammed them out of him because I’m pretending to have feelings for him too. I feel really bad and this project at times is very emotionally draining I need to keep finding ways of grounding myself.

Extract from conversation CHANCER

SaNdReA says:i have no money no job
david says:but i told you money is not the problem just let me come to you first
SaNdReA says:yes u did
david says:i love you with all my heart
SaNdReA says:ok then come to me i will welcome you with open arms
david says:you know that kind of problem am having right now
SaNdReA says:yes and you know i want to help but can't
david says:i know
david says:but i would give you everything when i come to you
SaNdReA says:yes you said
david says:so if you can support with just 200 i would give you everything when i come to you
SaNdReA says:well how do i do that without a job david?
david says:dont worry baby
david says:i promise to help you when i come i still have your address
david says:am coming to see you and hold you in my arms

He's sent me about 20 emails in the last week and text about thirty times too. It is really annoying to be hounded like this I want to send him an email back saying leave me alone. I don’t like this suffocating feeling he gives me, he’s too possessive and wants me online all of the time. I only have to be away for a day or two and I get bombarded with texts and emails. I know it's my fault as it is my own decision to do the project so i can't really moan, but i am moaning i'm drowning.........

How i became a scammer

SaNdReA! says:i like romance
david says:so where is the pics now
david says:i like it too
david says:am a very romantic man
SaNdReA! says:that's good
SaNdReA! says:do you like to give flowers and things like that
david says:yes
SaNdReA! says:i haven't had flowers for a long time
david says:really
SaNdReA! says:no

I decided to play with my position as the victim and turn it around so that i got what i wanted out of the scammer by pretending to fall for their lies. I engineered three more bouquets of fowers and althouth i didn't get any feeling of revenge for this i liked the feeling of decieving the person who was trying to decieve me.

I collected another six scammers and played them along with the same script me falling for their lies as the victim.

Anthony Revealed

sandrea simons: so do you admit to trying to scam me?
anth_l_brown: yes
sandrea simons: thankyou so much for being honest
sandrea simons: are you a black Nigerian man
anth_l_brown: yes
sandrea simons: are you 48 years old
anth_l_brown: im 38
sandrea simons: ok
sandrea simons: and is your name Anthony Brown?
anth_l_brown: yes
sandrea simons: did you ever visit the UK or America
anth_l_brown: yea
anth_l_brown: i like in Norwich
sandrea simons: you lived in Norwich?
anth_l_brown: yes
sandrea simons: oh ok
sandrea simons: so you live in Nigeria now?
anth_l_brown: yes

I wanted to keep in touch with Anthony Brown and get to know him better as his real self. I sign in some days and expect to see him appear on my computer screen and maybe one day he will surprise me…………….